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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simple Braided Headband

C has to wear uniforms to school, so a lot of times even though she still looks cute, she has to dress pretty plain.  To me, it doesn't look right if C is in dress clothes and has a bunch of random ponytails or beads, so I like to do her hair simple to kind of go with her outfit a little better.
Lots of times I also let C pick her own hairstyle (if I don't have anything special planned) and today this is what she chose.
We didn't have time for many pictures this morning, but this style doesn't really need more.
All I did was dampened and parted her hair in half from ear to ear, and tied the back off with a pony tail holder.  Her hair was in french braids yesterday, so I just took them down this morning and there was no detangling needed.  Then I put some gel along the part line and all around the edges.  I started at the left side of her head and did a dutch braid all the way across.  When I got to the end of the braid, I took a small section from the back (under all her hair) and added the braid with that hair to make a ponytail.  All of the rest of her hair covers up the ponytail so it looks more like a headband.
This style only took about 15 minutes to do, including parting, so this is a good style for when you're in a hurry in the morning (or anytime!)

I'm planning on something a little more special for tomorrow- if I can get inspired :)   So check back tomorrow for another style.

Monday, August 29, 2011


I know a few people have had some problems leaving comments for the giveaway, and I have no idea why, but I'm very sorry if you were on of the few who had problems!
If you didn't win this time, I will be having more giveaways!  I'm planning one for when I reach 100 followers :)

Anyway, it's time to announce the winner!! :)

And the winner is................

I've counted twice and it looks to me like the winner is Bari!
Congratulations Bari!!!

Please contact me with your mailing information by Friday so I can send your package out to you!  :)

Thanks to all who entered!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Simple Curly Cornrows For Back To School

Well, C goes back to school next Monday, so I've been trying to come up with some simple and quick hairstyles for those mornings when we don't have much time.
This is actually her style for the zoo tomorrow   :)
This style is by no means anything special, but I've missed seeing C's hair styled since I haven't done much with it this summer, so I thought I'd share it with you all anyway.

It was very simple and only took about 25 minutes to do.

We just washed C's hair, so it was already wet and moisturized with a leave in and some coconut oil.
I parted her hair in half, from ear to ear and sectioned off the back with a ponytail holder to keep it out of my way while I worked on the front.
I made an off centered part, just to make it a little more cute than just plain straight back braids.
Then I sectioned off the right side and did a few simple cornrows on the left side.  I used Taliah Waajid Lock-It-Up gel for hold.

When I started this style, I planned on alternating big and small cornrows.  It didn't work out that way because C's hair is thin in the front and she has some spots where the hair is too short to braid.
A lot of times I just go ahead and try to work the short hair into C's cornrows and as her hair dries, that short hair will poke out on it's own.  When ever I do that, I make extra sure not to pull the hair too tight so that I don't cause any breakage.
I have been trying to make sure that I keep the short hair out lately because it's so fragile and as I said, I don't want to cause any breakage.

You may or may not remember I did a post few months back saying I was starting to use Bee Mine growth serum.  I never did a follow up on that because I didn't like it, but I know I really should have done a follow up review either way.  Anyway, I'll do that a little later, but to make a long story short... C was allergic and it caused a lot of thinning.

I'm still never able to differentiate between baby hair and breakage in the front, so I'm not sure if the short hair is baby hair that's growing out or not.  What I do with the long hair is I twist it up into a little curl.  That way it looks more like baby hair, at least to me.  I like to use the Lock-It-Up gel for this because it has GREAT hold and gives amazing definition! 
One thing I notice is that when I do cornrow C's hair straight back, the shorter hair is more uniform than when I use a slanted or off centered part.  That is because all along her hairline is short baby/broken hair- I hope that makes sense.

So, I just did the same thing on the right side as the left, only I braided the cornrows going downward instead of toward the back/center of C's head.

This picture is a perfect example of what I was trying to explain. 
If you notice, there is a very small amount of hair on the outside of the first braid, along her hairline.  This is obviously baby hair, this is the only time I can tell!  :)
Her hair was still pretty damp, but the ends of the braids were mostly dry.  Look at those gorgeous curls! 
As I already mentioned, I used the Lock-It-Up gel for the cornrows, and then I also rubbed a small amount down the entire length of her hair for definition.
My plan was to do half-rows and then use a few barrette beads as a simple way to add color to the ends of each braid.  I changed my mind when I saw how beautiful her ends turned out and I thought about doing some box braids in the back.  I decided against that because I don't really like the way box braids look on C, and also I wanted this to be simple and quick!

Her shirt has a rainbow zebra  :)

I put the back section of her hair into some big braids for a simple braid out in the morning, and I put her bonnet on right away so that she could relax the rest of the night.
Even though this is very basic, I like this style because it combines my two favorite looks for C- Cornrows and curls!
I wasn't looking forward to doing C's hair even though I wanted it styled.  The reason for that is I figured my hands would be sore since I went so long without doing any styles, but I also wanted to do some new posts.  I'm glad I decided to, because my hands aren't nearly as sore as I thought they would be and now we can get to the zoo bright and early tomorrow morning without having to do much with C's hair!  Yay!  :)

Also, there's still time to enter our Back To School Giveaway!  :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Teaching 'C' To Wash Her Own Hair

This post is not only about washing, but also about helping your child learn how to work up to washing.

C is 7 years old now and of course, she wants to do things for herself- that includes washing her own hair!  At first I wouldn't allow her to try and wash her hair on her own, because I was afraid she'd get her hands caught in her hair and pull it, causing breakage.  I realize she will have to learn sooner or later how to wash and care for her own hair, so I've been including her in washing time.  

C has learned that when wetting her hair, she has to push the water down to wet her hair- not rub her hands in it. The same thing goes for when she is conditioning.   Most of us already know this, but it's important to keep in mind that our little girls don't know.

(I hope no one finds this inappropriate!)

When it's time to wash C's hair, I divide her hair in half (with my hands) and then I separate a smaller section for C to work on.
I give her a handful of conditioner- I want to really stress that she needs extra! Then I tell her to rub it through her hair, from the top (roots) to the ends.  Then I explain to C that she needs to carefully run her fingers through her hair, starting from the bottom (the ends) and working her way up to the top...
Pretty much just all the basics, only I explain to C what I'm doing the whole time and guide her to do the same thing on her own.

So far C has been doing great!  I always make sure that her hair has been detangled the night before and put into a protective style.  That way, her hair doesn't need much finger detangling so it's fast and easy for her.

Here are some tips I've come up with...

As I already said, detangle the hair the night before, and put it into a protective style for sleeping. 
Make sure your child sleeps with a bonnet or uses a satin pillow case (you probably already do this anyway)
I like to let C detangle half of her hair while I do the other half.  That way she's not too overwhelmed with the amount of hair and she won't get discouraged about caring for it herself.
Once again, always give her extra conditioner.  While detangling the hair, be sure to watch your daughter carefully, and show her what to do when she gets to a spot that she can't get her fingers through.
Each time we wash C's hair, I specifically look for a section of hair where there's a tangle I can't just run my fingers through so that she can see how I work the tangle out.
When we are finished finger detangling C's hair, I have her take small sections of hair and squeeze, making the conditioner squish through her fingers.  That helps work it into the hair and makes it easier to get out excess conditioner.  (It's also fun for C)

I always make sure that C knows only I can use the scissors!  This is especially important, obviously!  :)  That way, your daughter won't go around cutting chunks out of her hair! 

*This is what worked for us to get C started with hair washing on her own...
I did all of the above, only I detangled all of C's hair on my own.  I rinsed that out, and then I let C help me work a leave in through her hair.  That way she got to get an idea of what to do without actually having to do any detangling.  :)

Washing hair alone is something most kids her age are already able to do (I'm stuck on keeping C 'little' as long as possible since she's my last baby!)   So if you are already allowing your child to wash their hair alone, what things did you do to help them learn and at what age did you teach them, or plan to teach them?
Come back tomorrow to see the simple style I did for C after her washing was done!  :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back To School GIVEAWAY!!!

Sorry I have been away for so long!  Whenever school isn't in it's family time for us, especially summer vacation!  :)  But soon school will be back in and hopefully I can get back to normal.  Yes, its that time of year again.  Time to buy back to school clothes and supplies- which of course includes hair prettys! 

We have been stocking up on hair accessories since the end of June, and have picked up some things to give to ONE lucky follower...

There are lots of things in this photo, so just in case you cant make everything out, here's what the giveaway consists of...
One 6 oz tub of Taliah Waajid Lock-It-Up gel, Set of 2 Hello Kitty metal/multi color rhinestone barrettes, Set of 2 metal/clear rhinestone bow barrettes, Curl Tamer brush, set of combs- one plastic rat-tail and one metal rat-tail, one 500 count tub of multi-color rubber bands, one pack glittery pastel colored bow barrettes, one pack  glittery pastel colored flower barrettes, one pack primary colored barrettes in heart and star designs, one pack pink/purple mix mutli flower design barrettes, set of 2 corker ribbon barrettes (pink/multi), one pack primary colored multi bird design barrettes, one stay- on satin bonnet (black), set of 10 light gray ballies, set of 10 bright primary colored ballies, set of 5 neon colored butterfly ballies, 2 packs EACH of the following: jumbo size black and white heart beads, standard size princess crown beads (clear), standard size princess crown beads (choose between pink mix, brown mix, purple mix, blue mix, white or multi colored- mix or match) and standard size multi colored star beads with the shinny finish, one pack of GOODY ouch-less mini elastics (no metal), multi colored, set of 6 glittery heart snaps, set of 3 peace sign/heart/star design ballies, 3 sets of jumbo size purple mix beads, your choice of 1 flower clip, ANY color (orange, yellow & purple pictured),  lilac/light gray colored flower clip, set of 2 neon pink ruffle/flower/bead bow style barrettes, one set of 2 neon green ruffle/butterfly bow style barrettes, AND one set of seashell beads in your choice of white (pictured), pink mix, purple mix, blue mix OR clear. Up close pictures will be provided via email upon request, but only the colors I have available in our personal collection (if you chose a color I don't have I will purchase those only  if you are the winner)
I hope I didn't forget anything!   :)

To enter, you must follow CHIB.  (Just click the follow button to your left)  You can enter ONCE DAILY!

For additional entries:
Tell me which colors you would choose for your flowers, princess crown beads, and seashell beads if you won for ONE entry total.

1. Tell me your favorite item in the giveaway for ONE entry total.

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That's it!  There are lots of extra chances to win, so everyone has good chances!
The contest starts TODAY, 8-14-11, and ends Sunday, 8-28-11   
You will have until 5pm to get all your entries in on 8-28-11 and the winner will be chosen on Monday,      8-29-11 at 6pm.

Good Luck!  :)

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