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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Simple Braided Headband

C has to wear uniforms to school, so a lot of times even though she still looks cute, she has to dress pretty plain.  To me, it doesn't look right if C is in dress clothes and has a bunch of random ponytails or beads, so I like to do her hair simple to kind of go with her outfit a little better.
Lots of times I also let C pick her own hairstyle (if I don't have anything special planned) and today this is what she chose.
We didn't have time for many pictures this morning, but this style doesn't really need more.
All I did was dampened and parted her hair in half from ear to ear, and tied the back off with a pony tail holder.  Her hair was in french braids yesterday, so I just took them down this morning and there was no detangling needed.  Then I put some gel along the part line and all around the edges.  I started at the left side of her head and did a dutch braid all the way across.  When I got to the end of the braid, I took a small section from the back (under all her hair) and added the braid with that hair to make a ponytail.  All of the rest of her hair covers up the ponytail so it looks more like a headband.
This style only took about 15 minutes to do, including parting, so this is a good style for when you're in a hurry in the morning (or anytime!)

I'm planning on something a little more special for tomorrow- if I can get inspired :)   So check back tomorrow for another style.

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