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Monday, April 2, 2012

Twisted Banded Ponytail

As you know, I'm a big fan of quick and simple hairstyles!  Especially this past week, because I've been sick.  I wanted something simple enough to finish in as little time as possible, but also something that wouldn't leave C's hair knotted up at the end of the school day, causing even more work for me.

I was going to do a simple ponytail with one big 2 strand twist, but when I started twisting her hair I decided to go a little bit of a different way. 
I know this is pretty self explainatory!  :)   I moisturized and detangled C's hair with leave-in conditioner, Curls Creme Brule, and a little bit of Africa's Best Ultimate Herbal Oil to seal it in.
I gathered her hair into a fairly loose ponytail, then divided the hair into 2 sections and twisted each section counter clock-wise.  I added an Ouchless Goody ponytail holder after about every 3 inches, and continued twisting and banding to the end of C's hair.
Thats it!  The style only took 10 minutes total- most of that time was moisturizing.

I've been doing banded styles a lot lately.  They elongate C's curls, which shows off the length and also helps cut down on tangles. 
Lately I'm noticing C's hair seems to be missing something.  I know we need a better moisturizer for sure, but I feel like there is something I'm doing or not doing that C's hair doesn't agree with.  : /
Hmm- what to try next?...


  1. hello i love your page.
    i was wondering if you will ever feature adult women with curly hair on your page and if you do can i be on it?
    thanks :)

  2. Thank you Alexis! Yes, I feature girls as well as women of all ages. Just email me for instructions and I'll put your feature on the blog! :)

  3. Very cute, I love this style on her :)


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