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Monday, October 10, 2011

C Can Braid

Since C was 2 years old, she has been trying to help with her hair.  She started just sticking a bunch of random barrettes all over, and then she decided she wanted to try and braid.  The only problem was, she decided to do this at school on her own hair...  I don't think I have to tell you how that turned out!
So, after seeing what she did to her hair and how proud she was of it, I decided to give her her own little practice style head to do whatever she wanted with.  That way, she could learn and style to her heart's content without causing any damage to her own hair  :)

C got this two years ago for Christmas, and I'm sure glad she did!  She loves putting accessories and braids in her dolls hair!  :)    This is a photo of one of C's very first braids done on this head.

Of course I had to play with C's toy too!  I like the way the yarn braids look on this doll's dark hair.

C did this braid while I was doing her hair before school.  Look how much better she's gotten since she started!  :)  She perfected braids after just a short time playing around with this styling head- she got this when she was only 4, so I think that's pretty good!  Yay C!
C is 7 now and really wants to help with her own styles.  This is something she will benefit from learning, so I'm really happy she likes doing hair so much already!  I let C help with hair time by picking the way she wears her hair (unless I have something in mind), letting her choose which accessories she wears, and also finding the right colors and handing them to me.  Her favorite thing to help with is sorting beads- she also LOVES to use the spray bottle!   :)

Does your child help with their own hair styling?


  1. Awww way to go C!! Laina likes to do twist braids in her hair by her self!

  2. Baby O tries to "help" with her styles--but it's trying to add barrettes to her hair while I'm still doing it. I now hand her the beads and the beader and let her string the beads on it, to keep her occupied lol

  3. Aww she did great! Please tell her to keep it up!

  4. OOh, thanks for the idea! I need to get Goldilocks one of those styling heads!


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