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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Curly Friend- Jerrica

I've been a little busy to do anything worth showing lately, but I do have a little something coming tomorrow and a few things in mind coming soon! :)
But for now, meet our Curly Friend, Jerrica!

Do you like your hair? What (if anything would you change if you could?)

"If you were to ask me that as a kid or young adult I would of said no! But now with all the ways to wear my hair and now that I learn to take better care of my hair Im more comfortable with it.
There is something Id change. I get in grown hairs in my head and that makes it so that my styles gotta come out or I cant even get my hair done sometimes. At times like that I do have wigs I wear.

Do you now or have you ever used chemicals on your hair?  If so, what made you decide to do so and did you regret it?

Yes I used chemicals a few times as a teen. My mom always kept my hair up for me as a kid but then when I got too old for all the little bows and what not then I decided I want my hair down. Well my friends was all gettin their hair perm and talk me into it. I didnt regret it. My hair look nice when I had it permed because I would use the flat iron or hot comb and make it sleek. The reason why I stopped perming was because I was getting the same results with hot combs and that was cheaper.

What is your hair routine?

Dont really have a "routine" exactly. I just style when ever and I moisturize my hair every day and each night. I sleep in a cap/bonnet/scarf so that my moisturizer does not get all over my pillows and so my hair stays neat. OK maybe I do have a routine! Lol!

What products do you use?

Your not gonna agree with this. But my idea of natural hair just means no chemicals. I use what ever product looks good to me at the time. I use hair grease because its cheap easy to find and it keep me from getting head lice. A few weeks ago everyone I work with had got head lice! We all share head sets which have foam padding and that is how the head lice spread. There is 2 black employees other than myself who do not use hair grease and they got lice along with the other white employees. So yes black people DO GET HEAD LICE but the hair grease makes it so that the eggs can not stick! Im willing to take my chances with the hair grease for that reason and the fact that it does the EXACT SAME THING for my hair as the expensive products every one cant live with out! ;) Dont beleive that it causes health problems. If that was true there would have to be a warning label and you would hear story about people having problems due to hair grease. I just laugh when I hear/see folks raving about how bad and dangerous it is! Come on folks its hair grease. Its safe. Lmbo!

What is your hair type? (if you know it)

My hair is in the 4c range Id say

What is the best and worst hair advice you have gotten?

Best advice-sleep with a cap or bonnet, scarf or anything you like. It really helps keep my hair neat.
Worse advice-hair grease cause cancer hair loss and lots of problems with health. This is not true! I have a cousin in cosmo school and she never heard that rumor. She asked her teacher and everyone and they said that hair grease might not be the best thing to use BUT it does NOT cause health problems. I asked my dr, she never heard of anything and I have been trying to see cases of hair grease causing problems and still havent.

What advice do you have to offer?

Dont follow the crowd when it comes to your hair or anything else really. Just because a certain person or people likes or does not like something it does not mean it wont work for you. Alot of companies will come up with stories to scare you into thinking you will lose your hair if you use certain things or that their product will make your hair grow. Well I think I am proof that your hair WILL grow even if you chose to use hair grease instead of some other products about 10 times the price! My hair is decent length and I have cut it.

Can we see some of your styles?

I dont have the best styles to show because for one Im not a good stylist. Lol! I have to take my pics off my cell phone but here you go! Yes it is my real hair in each pic. I used hair grease in each pic along with some icee olive oil.

Thanks so much for putting me on your blog and I hope to be on again!

Thank you for sharing your photos and story with us!  Feel free to contribute again any time!   :)
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  1. I love this fauxhawk style, very pretty! I agreet that hair grease is not the demon a lot of people try to make it out to be. It has been in use in black communities for a very long time. I dont use it a lot simply because my girls' have hair textures that end up looking greasy instead of moisturized if I use the wrong thing. But I always keep some on hand because I like to mix it with my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie to use as a hold for braids and twists. New follower/fan here! Love your blog. :)


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