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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black And Neon Style- Transformed

Last night I finished C's hairstyle by turning the crown braid into 6 cornrows.

I was really happy with C's hair this morning.  She had almost no frizzies at all, and her hair was still looking fresh and moisturized.
Before school, a woman thought her hair looked neat- which was a nice compliment to me until she decided she wanted to rub her hands through it and push the beads up to see how they were put on : /
Then C was playing with her hair trying to put all the hanging braids into a ponytail, and that caused some frizzing too.

I left it up to C to decide if she would get her hair taken down tomorrow morning (so she could wear the braid out to school) or if she wanted to deal with the frizz until Monday.  We decided together that the beads will come out in the morning and the hanging braids will be put into a ponytail.  We don't have any special plans this weekend, so I'll just let her hair frizz on and she can wear the braid out on Monday!  :)

So how do you like this style?  How frizzy do you let your/ your child's hair get before you redo it?


  1. This is so cute!!! Her hair is absolutely LOVELY girl!! You always do a great job though!! :)


  2. Looks awesome! I might try this design sometime :)


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