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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Braided Pigtails With Curls

Well, I wasn't even going to share this style because it's just so simple but once I was done with it, I thought it looked too cute not to show it!  I like this style because it's simple, and it also shows off C's curls (which is my favorite look) and it also shows a little bit of skill since I added 2 small cornrows- and it was nice and neat yesterday morning!

C asked for this style!  :)
She said she wanted a braid on each side in the front and then pigtails with a bunch of braids, so that's just what I did!

I didn't like the way the little cornrows looked just hanging there, and since I've been trying to put as little stress on the hairline as possible, I didn't want to add any beads or barrettes.  I decided to just add them to the ponytails, which I think looks pretty cute.

Front View

Here's the side/back view. It looked really pretty in person! C's curls were moisturized and well defined at the ends of the braids and I just loved it!
I used Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Gel (it's becoming our regular product)
I simply parted C's hair straight back into 2 sections, and tied them off into loose temporary ponytails.  Then, I parted all of C's short baby hair in front and put it into a loose cornrow on each side.
After I was finished with the cornrows, I added extra gel to the ends of them, and to the edges of each ponytail in back.  I grabbed the cornrows and added them, and then I just simple braided about 8-10 braids into each ponytail.  I stopped braiding about an inch or so from the ends, so that C's curls could still be shown. :)

I think the back view is so cute :)

I did this style yesterday morning, and it only took about 20 minutes to do.  I kept this style for today and just re-tightened the ponytails, then added some ballies to match her outfie for today.  It still looked presentable, but it definetly has to come out tonight.

*I'll be doing a post later to explain why I've been doing such simple styles lately (besides not having much time for hairstyling!)  And also maybe I'll do something special tonight since I have a simple dinner planned and I'll be home most of the evening! :)  So please check back tomorrow!

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  1. I love it! And thank you for including the info on how long it lasted. GDL's styles tend to be 1 day only and I'm looking for stuff that can last a couple of days or more. Thanks for posting!


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