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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

2 French Braids Into 1 Simple Braid

I couldn't decide what to do with C's hair this morning.  It's supposed to rain all day, so I knew whatever I did her hair was going to be frizzy by the end of the day and I didn't want to spend a lot of time on it.
I've been trying to do more protective styles, especially for the front part of C's hair, so today I decided to go with this simple style...

(Sorry for the dark pictures- as I said it's a rainy day!)

I parted C's hair from ear to ear about 2 inches back (to about where her ears start) and then I did a slightly slanted part in the center of her head to make 2 separate sections in front.  Then I made a simple protective french braid on each side. 

I braided the protective braids into the big simple braid in back.

And here's the front view.  You can't really see where the part is because of the bad lighting, and the fact that we were short on time made me not even think of having C put her head down! 

For this style, I used some Taliah Waajid gel and a rat tail comb.  I wet her hair with some water and a little coconut oil, then I added the gel around the part lines and through the hair in back to help the shorter hairs stay in a little better.

I added a pretty matching bow to C's hair and we were done!  The whole style only took us about 15 minutes to do, so it's a perfect choice for a zero time morning!  :)
 *I really am trying to be more creative!  Hopefully something will come to mind soon! :)


  1. Simple and you said great for mornings with more to do then time to do it in. C is so cute.

  2. THis is one of our favorite styles for rainy days, and also for gym days! It looks gorgeous on your daughter, she is such a cutie pie! New follower here. :)


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