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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Black And Neon Style

Well, this is actually a 3 day style...   On Monday, I did 5 big ponytails.  This was a super cute look for C!  She was wearing all black and neon.  The color is a little washed out, because I'm back to having to take all my pictures with my phone again :(

This was just a very simple style that gave me a way to incorporate each color from C's outfit into her hair style for the day.

I parted C's hair at an off centered slant from the front of her head (above her left eye) to just under her right ear.  I tied this section off into a ponytail, added a lime green ballie and braided the hair into 2 braids.
*In each ponytail I did 2 braids- one was ended with a black barrette, and the other with a barrette matching each ballie.
I divided the left over hair in back into 4 sections and once again made 2 braids from each ponytail.
Very simple! :)

For this style, I wet C's hair with plain water, then I added some coconut oil to her hair and scalp.  I used a generous amount of Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Gel on each ponytail and braid.  There was virtually no detangling for this style because C's hair was in a braid overnight.
This style took 10-15 minutes to do.
Since this was just meant to be a 1 day style, I didn't worry too much about making each ponytail even.

Check out my next post to see how I changed this style up for days 2 and 3!  :)


  1. She is too cute!!!!!! Loving the hairstyle as well!!!! :)


  2. Too cute! I love the ballies and that awesome outfit. Those knee socks are too much!


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