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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hair Woes...

This is C when she was about 3 years old.

I thought her hair was never going to get long enough to do anything to it, and once it finally did, (when she was around 2) I just never wanted to stop trying new things!
At this point, I think I had just started using hair grease. Yes, I admit it... I used hair grease! I just didn't know any better at the time! I never knew anyone else with a biracial child, and all the advice I got came from her dad and his family (who are of course black) so why should I think they don't know what they were talking about?!
I also used baby lotion and baby oil in both my children's hair until they were over a year old, and I started using the baby oil gel after that. All bad things to use, I know. But once again, I didn't know any better. And actually, my kids had very nice and healthy looking hair. I was always getting compliments, and still do.

Now that I know what some better things to use, I have been using those instead.
But... I was hoping to see improvement in the look, health and length of C's hair. I have been using expensive Bee Mine products, and I honestly don't see how they are worth the money, at least not for us.
I will be posting an update on the products I've been using later.
For now, I'm still trying to talk myself out of switching back to the 'bad' and cheaper products that we used before that worked just as well (if not better) for us, by telling myself I'm doing something GOOD for her hair!
Has anyone else ever used any 'bad' products that you really liked, and if so what are they?
Have you ever thought about going back to them, or have you already?


  1. one thing i've learned is just because it's good for some doesn't mean it's good for all. you know that pink oil stuff? well i've heard a lot that it's terrible, but sometimes i use it. my daughters has really dry coarse hair that creates a "halo" and it seems to be the only thing that can help the dryness. i also use cheap hair gel sometimes. i used baby lotion in my daughters hair until she was about 8 months old. i then switched to conditioner because she had sooooooooooo much hair. if you see that your daughters hair looks healthy and you're not using top name brand products.. then don't sweat it! i've been using the loreal sulfate free shampoo moisture and EE hello hydration conditioner. they aren't the most expensive but seem to work better for us than all the other brands.


  2. I use grease still, a little I will admit my daughter is not biracial though so her hair texture is different than C's. But I also use Carol's Daughter and Olive brand creme, from Sally's. I don't remember the exact name. I am far from a hair expert, so I don't know why grease is bad. But for me it works, my daughter's hair has had no bad reaction to it at all. I just use a little, I use it in my hair as well and my hair texture is easier than my daughter's (I am creole and my hair is wavy and curly). I know a lot of other bloggers use that Bee Mine's but I haven't tried it. I like products I can go buy at the store rather than waiting for online stuff to ship :)

  3. @Shay... I agree with you! People say 'You get what you pay for', but what I feel is that just because something costs a lot of money and is natural, it doesn't mean it's WORTH the money! I also use conditioner in my daughters hair almost daily now, its the only thing that will keep it moist, and I like the pink lotion too! :)
    @Tiffany... Hair grease is supposed to be bad because it has petroatum, which they say clogs the pores and not only stops hair from growing, but causes hair loss- I never experienced any of that when I used grease. So far I have used Bee Mine Curly Butter, it is ok but C's hair soaks it up even when I use a lot. And I have used the Bee Mine no sulfur serum. C seems to be alergic to it, so I had to stop. I dont feel they are worth all that money at all! I agree with you- I like being able to go to the store and get what I want!
    Thank you both for commenting!

  4. oh what an adorable picture!!

    I saw a youtube video once of a hair blogger (don't know who, I don't do the youtube vids much) but she had a very good/cute video about "Do You" - it was all about taking in whatever info you got, process it through your own situation and desires and then, "Do YOU!" :D Very empowering.

    We definitely should learn from others and gleen all the knowledge we can, because being well informed is never bad! and knowledge is power, etc, BUT at the end of the day we have to do what WE want with OUR hair - not feel obligated to do what someone else says is best.

    All that said, the reason I do use the organic and natural products actually has nothing to do with them performing better - or even as well as other stuff - I just don't like the potential health problems that may (or may not) be linked to so many ingredients. I have only used something "mainstream" on Q's hair ONCE - and I certainly don't intend to make a habit of it! I watch our lotions, handsoaps, body soaps, bubble bath, laundry detergent, household frangrances, lip balm, etc! to try to keep our exposure to chemicals at a minimum. THAT's why I think hair products fall into the line of things to be watchful of. I mean we use them everyday!

    After using even a small amount of a questionable ingredient for 20 or 30 or 50 years - what will that do to my little one's health? What will it do to my own health? At this point I'd rather not test it out! lol!

    Keep up the great work on your blog! :D

  5. I know it was some time ago, but do you remember whether you "did" anything to your daughter's hair in this 3yo photo product/styling wise to get the 'droop' - or did it just naturally do that? My 22 mo old daughter's hair is even a little longer than your photo, but no matter what technique I use it stays in a tight coil to her head; I tried some tips suggested by a Momma (CHVC) for 4a/4b hair but that just didn't do it for my kiddo who has my 'vanilla' 1/2!.

  6. Trish, the only thing I did to C's hair in that photo was parted it off to the side a little, instead of straight back.
    At that time, the only product I used was hair grease.

  7. I was a pink lotion user, used it since my 6 year old was around 1 - 1/2. It never kept her hair moisturized and never made her hair look nice at all. I also started using it with my 3 year old before she was 1, she had lots more hair then my older daughter. I never liked using it and it didn't do anything to moisturize their hair. Now that I've been trying other products, more natural ones, they're still not moisturizing their hair. I'm just at a lost what to use next!

  8. Amanda, I tried the Pink hair lotion, only about 1 or 2 bottles. But I thought it did ok. Of course, at that time I had never used anything but hair grease, so it was a step up from that for me.


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