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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Hair Routine- Day One

Today I started C's new daily CO washing routine. We didn't have time to take a photo this morning before school, so here's what her hair looked like when she came home...

Her hair still looked great!  I put this big, loose braid in C's hair since it was a simple style that would keep her hair from knotting up during the day.  Also, it's easy and fast to take down to do another CO wash tomorrow.
I have been using BB Oil Moisturizer hair lotion for about 2 weeks now. It does contain mineral oil, but I like it regardless of the ingredients.  I do like to avoid products with mineral oil and other 'bad' ingredients, (just as a health issue) but if it works I use it! -I also just happened to read that most of the products with 'bad' ingredients really pose very little or NO health risk at all, and most of the rumors about the ingredients were started by small natural product companies to scare people into buying their products! When I think about it... I have used shampoo with sulfates my whole life (I wash my hair everyday) and have experienced no hair loss or anything wrong with my hair! I know of several people who have used petrolatum based products all their lives, and none of them have any health problems, no hair or scalp problems... even have beautiful, long, healthy looking hair! Just to let you know! :)
Anyway, I have been wanting to try Organic Root Stimulator Carrot Oil for a little while now.  Today I finally decided to buy some and try it.  I'll be doing a review later, so watch for it if you're interested in the ORS Carrot Oil!


  1. her hair does look really great! i've always wanted to try the organic root stimulator myself so i'll be checking back to see how good it is.

  2. Thank you Shay! I have already noticed C's hair being much more softer than before!
    Ill have that review out real soon :)

  3. Her hair does look great, especially for a whole day at school!!


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