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Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Washing Routine- Day 3

This morning C wanted her hair down again.  I really LOVE the way her hair looks when I leave it down, especially when its been CO washed, but I always regret leaving it down because of how bad it tangles!
So, today I decided to compromise with C by putting her hair into a ponytail with the hair loose at the end.
I put her hair into this low, fairly loose side ponytail and I think it looked really pretty! It's nothing special, just simple and pretty!
I have been using ORS Carrot Oil for 3 days now.  I used extra today since her hair was being put into one big ponytail. After I got C's hair into a ponytail, I added a little extra ORS Carrot Oil to the ends of her hair. Once again, her hair is super shiny and I love the way it looks and feels!
Here's what C's hair looks like from the back. This photo really shows how shiny her hair is!
I was wishing I would have taken an up close photo of her curls this morning, but I didn't think about that until we were already on our way to school. Maybe when she gets home or tomorrow I'll get a picture of her curls. They have really been looking great this week!


  1. C has gorgeous hair!!! Keep up the good work :)

  2. Thank you for posting this pics. I have two daughters that are biracial. I'm PR and my hubby is African American. Both girls have super tight curls. Its always great to garner ideas and get opinion on products. I myself like Organix shampoo/conditioner, I use Carol's Daughter and Hello Hydration. -Jackie

  3. Aww so cute!! Her hair does look shiney and healthy. Was her hair wet or damp in the pictures?

  4. Amanda- in this photo, only her curls were wet. I have been doing CO washes the night before, so that C wouldnt have to go out with wet hair.
    Her hair was still as shiny by the end of the school day.

  5. WOW that's really good it kept her hair shiney all day!! Did you use the carrot oil to slick her pony back too?

  6. Yes, the only product I used this day was the carrot oil. I really like it, it does great with her hair!


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