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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cornrows Into Braided Pigtails

I wanted a cute cornrow style that would be somewhat quick to put in C's hair. I started braiding, and this is what I ended up with...

There's nothing really special about this hairstyle, I just like the way it turned out.  It's a little different from what I usually do because  I don't use braids as big as these very often, I mostly only do small braids.
For this style, I used nothing but ORS Carrot Oil and some water.

I'm not very good at explaining how I did a style, but Ill do my best! :)
This is a fairly basic style.  I just started from the hairline above C's left eye, and parted all the way back behind her right ear.  I put that hair into 2 cornrows, then I braided 3 cornrows on the left side.  Once I got the front part braided, I just kept braiding in a straight back pattern until I ran out of hair.

Once I got all of C's hair braided, I put all the cornrows on the left side of her head into a braid, then all the cornrows on the right side of her head into another braid, sort of making pigtails.
My plan was to either add beads to the ends of each braid or leave them to hang as they were, but I like the look of braiding braids together so that's what I went with this time.

*Check back tomorrow or maybe even later on tonight for another review on some new shampoo and conditioner we've been using!


  1. sometimes the simple styles can look just as cute if not cuter than more flashy styles. she's too precious!

  2. I agree with Shay this is very cute and simple. Did the carrot oil have enough hold for braids? I'll be checking back to see the reviews!!

  3. Thank you Shay!
    @ Amanda- I usually have the same amount of hold no matter what product I use, so I was mostly going for something to hold in moisture while the braids were in. I actually only left this style in for 4 days (C wanted it taken down because she thought it was getting too 'poofy') But really, it didnt look too bad. I wish I had a picture of what C's hair looked like the day I took the style out.
    The ORS Carrot Oil isnt the best for hold, but it did a pretty good job at keeping the braids moisturized, including the ends!


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