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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Very Simple, Quick Style

A lot of times, I want an easy style that doesn't take a lot of time but still looks pretty enough for school.
Unless I already have a style in mind, I always ask C what she wants done to her hair or what accessories she wants to wear.  Yesterday, she told me she wanted to wear her big purple flower clip to match her purple shirt. So here's what I decided to do...

I know this is a horrible picture- the flash was too much but without it, the picture was too dark. Anyway, you get to see the flower!

I didn't get the chance to get a picture of C's hair before she left for school, so I had to wait until she got home.  By the time I took this picture, her hair was a little fuzzy and messy, but not too bad.  Considering this was taken at the end of a long school day, playing at the park and running around outside, I think it held up pretty good!  It looked nice enough that I could have even left these braids in another day, but this morning C wanted to switch her style to  "ponytails all over!"  :)

This is a very obvious style! I did want to say that the parts are deliberately off centered... sometimes people think I just cant make a straight part, so I wanted to say that isn't the case. I did a style on Tuesday with these parts, since they were already made and I had zero time, I kept them and worked with them. Just to make it a little more creative, I decided to braid the 2 french braids together at the ends to make one single braid.  I didn't even have to use anything to tie the braid off at the end, as you can see.  Most of the time I don't need anything, I just like decoration but didn't have time for any.  :)

*For this style, I wet C's hair slightly with water, added ORS Carrot Oil to her hair for moisture and shine, and I used a little bit of Kids Organics Soft Hold Styling Pomade by Africa's Best for hold.  Whenever I put hair into big braids or big sections, I get little baby hairs sticking up all over and this really helps hold them down.
I found another product that Ive been wanting to try, so Ill be having another review on that soon! I want to give it at least a week to make my decision, so be sure to come back and check it out!

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