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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random Braids

I couldn't decide what to name this hairstyle.  I don't really name my styles unless they actually look like something- like the peace sign I did a few posts back.
This is just simple cornrows, so there's no explanation needed there.  I will explain how I ended up with this style though!...
I parted C's hair into off centered, random parts and made some ponytails with braids in each section for school.  This was my way to stretch her hair a little for these braids.  It never really does me any good, but it is helpful when it comes to detangling, and saves me time having the parts already made also! :)   When C got home from school, I took out the ponytails and began to braid my cornrows.  I tried to make the braids in each section going a different direction, just to give the style a more unique look.  A lot of it was covered by braids in the other sections, but I still think it turned out cute and I liked it...

This is my least favorite view of this style, but I wanted to show every angle anyway.
This would be the front right section of C's hair, and just a little bit of the back right side.

I decided to be a little less plain and I braided an X into the front left side of C's hair. C has very fine, thin hair in the front, so I don't like to get too intricate with cornrows in the front.  Her short, thin hairs tangle very easily, even while braided, so its best that I keep it simple there.

Here is the back of C's hair.  This is where a lot of the different directions ended up hidden.  It isn't visible, but I did a few braids going straight down along with other braids going from side to side.  I just did this to make more braids that would end up on the sides rather than just the back, so its ok that a lot of that got covered up.

I also did 2 braids that crossed over from one section into another, but that isn't very visible... You can barely see the one crossed over braid if you look closely in the back of C's head in this picture!  It was noticeable in person, and I thought it showed up when I took these pictures- I guess I was wrong! 
I didn't add any decoration to this style because I just wanted something that would last the better part of the week.  Usually whenever I add beads, it seems to dry her hair out faster- especially at the ends.  C's hair just will not absorb any moisture at all unless I wet it first!  Even when I wet her hair to add some moisture, what happens is C's hair just looks like a frayed rope or yarn when its been braided together.  That's the best way I can describe it.  I might take a picture of it next time so you can get a better idea of what I mean.
And now its feedback time...  :)
How do you moisturize your child's (or your) hair once it has been styled?


  1. Very cute, how long will this style last?

    I use Curl's Mositurizing spray, I don't remember the exact name, but I use it on my hair as well as the diva's hair. It works great and smells great!

  2. Thank you Diva! Im hoping this holds up close to a week. C doesnt like her braids even a little fuzzy so we'll see!

  3. CUTE! Your least favorite angle was my favorite one! lol I'm glad you included it in the pictures.

    I moisturize with either a water and almond oil and lavendar EO mix (braid spray!) that I make, or I also really like Cara B Naturals Hair Mist.


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