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Monday, May 23, 2011

1st Giveaway Prize Photos

Well, I finally found a camera I could borrow until I can get a new one!  The pictures aren't the best quality, but at least I can show you what the prizes look like now! :)

Like I said, its not the best picture.  :/  But anyway, the 'LOVE' ballies come in a pack of blue, orange and green.  I thought these were so cute I had to buy a pack for C! These ballies are super light weight, and they have no metal.  In case its too hard to make out, they are little square pieces of 'candy' (they kinda remind me of Jolly Ranchers) and they say 'LOVE' across the middles. 
Oh, and by the way... ignore the date on the bottom of these pictures- the camera wont keep the real date for whatever reason. Oh well!

And just because C looked so pretty in these, here's a front view! :)  These are one of C's new favorite hair prettys!  I like them because they are unique- at least I've never seen these before.

And here are the Princess crown beads...

This is obviously the multi-colored pack.  I have each set for C's collection except for the brown mix, but I'm thinking about getting those too.  I think these are really cute, and they come with a mini beader!
I didn't think it was necessary to add a picture of the rubber bands- if you've seen one, you've seen them all, right?

Ok, so now that you can see what the prizes look like, enter the giveaway!!!   :)

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