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Monday, May 2, 2011

Taliah Waajid Lock It Up Review

Lock it up gel - Taliah waajid

I have been wanting to try Taliah Waajid since I heard about it a while back.  I was very excited to find this at one of my local Meijer stores, and I put it right in my cart! The only thing that worries me is I might have a hard time finding it again... It was on a rack of discontinued items, so I'm thinking they wont be selling it there anymore! :(
I started using this a few weeks ago, but I wanted to wait until I could use it with several different styles over a period of time to give it a fair review.
I have to say, I absolutely LOVE this product!  It has great hold for every style I have used it on, and it gives C's hair great curl definition.  The gel looks like it would be sticky or greasy, but it wasn't.  It has a nice coconut scent, and is orange in color. 

When used on ponytails:  This product held down all the fly-away hairs.  By the end of the school day, C's hair was still in place and still well moisturized.

When used on braids:  This product gave great hold and kept all the hair together while it was braided.  I left C's hair in small cornrows for 4 days during Easter vacation, and her hair held up better than most other products I have used for braided styles.  The braid out was beautiful, but her hair was a little dry.
Taliah Waajid isn't greasy or too heavy, and can be used for locks, twists and naturals.

After trying the Taliah Waajid and liking it so much, I decided to go back and buy the other jars left at Meijer before it was too late and I couldn't find it again.  When I went back, I noticed there was also another kind!  It has basically the same ingredients, but it is a thicker texture and its white.  This one is called Taliah Waajid Tight Hold.  It has a pretty strong menthol scent, like Vick's Vapor Rub would smell, but the smell doesn't stay in hair. *(at least it didn't stay in C's hair)

*Ingredients:  Water, carbomer, triethanolomine, Vp dmpa/acrylate copolymer, Indian hemp (cannabis sativa), seed oil, yarrow roots (achillea millefolium) oil, rosemary, nettle oil, DMDH hydantion, fragrance

Have you tried this, and what did you think of it?


  1. I just got the tight hold loc it up and I love it, too. My daughter has fine hair and all the little curlies pop out of her braids and twists. This product keeps everything in place! I get it from the corner store beauty supply store I go to, but it's available online, too, at $7. If my supply store runs out of it, I'm going to start ordering in bulk online lol

  2. I just bought the curling curl cream and the detangler, these were the only product they had at my walgreens. The detangler works amazing!! It does have mineral oil in it, but it works really good, I just made sure I didn't work it into their scalps and could rinse it out. I like the curling curl cream but it does fill sticky when applying but usually that goes away. I will have to look for this product too!!!!

  3. I've always liked the Lock It Up gel but haven't tried the Tight Hold version yet. The TW Protective Bodifying Mist has been a favorite of ours, too. Once I bust through my product stash, I'd like to try the Curl Cream.
    And I've used the TW Herbal Strengthener, too, even though it has petroleum in it. Used sparingly, we've had a lot of success with this product for smoothing down flyaway hairs and adding shine. It smells terrible, though, which is probably why I haven't used it in many months. =)


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