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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Our First Curly Guest

I know you have seen lots of interviews on other blogs, but you have probably never seen one like this!  Meet D, our very first curly guest at CHIB!  D is my friend Ashley's daughter and she is 8 years old. 
Here are some questions I asked Ashley in our interview...

What do you like about D's hair?

I guess I like that it's easy to comb.  I like the color... that's about it!

How does D feel about her hair?

Well, she always used to complain that she looked 'crazy'! But since I started perming it, it stays straight and she doesn't complain anymore.  She never really says if she likes it, but she doesn't complain.  She remembers how hard it was and how long it took to brush her hair before I permed it and she says she likes it better now.

What is D's hair routine?

She doesn't really have one! We just wash her hair whenever it needs it.  Id say we wash it maybe twice a week.  I don't do many styles with her hair.  I don't like the way her hair looks when its done, I prefer it down better than anything.

Why did you decide to use chemicals on D's hair?

Well, D had big loose curls and parts of it were straight.  It just didn't look right! It looked like someones hair who wore a ponytail when  their hair was wet and slept in it.  I thought it looked raggy and I was tired of having to flat iron her hair every day to keep it nice.

What kind of products do you use in D's hair?

I don't really have just one thing I always use.  I use whatever I think looks like it would work on D's hair.  What I'm using now is BB Oil Moisturizer hair lotion.  I guess I like it ok, its not the worst thing I've tried.  I also use hair gel, I'm not sure what kind it is, something generic I got at Wal Mart. I use hair grease to slick her hair back when I put it into ponytails and the keep her hair laying down.  I use the same kind of shampoo and conditioner for D's hair as I use on my own hair.  Right now we're using Garnier Fructis- I like the way that smells so I usually buy that.

Have you ever had an interest in caring for D's hair or learning how to style it?

Sometimes I wish I could do hair, but it would take too long.  I see how long it takes you to do C's hair and take care of it and I don't have time to spend like that!  It's just hair, I don't think it's that big of a deal if I do it your way or my way.

Sadly, Ashley doesn't have ANY pictures of D's hair except this one. 
I keep all the pictures of hairstyles I have done for C and other people, so Ashley just looked and picked out what she liked for D.  She liked C's Valentines Day style and also her faux hawk styles, so I combined the 2 and came up with this!

Unfortunately, this is an even worse quality photo! :(  Since I didn't have a camera (and for some reason forgot to use my phone's camera) I had to have Ashley take a picture of D's hair on her phone and send it to my phone!

For this style, first I parted straight down the middle of D's head.  I put the left side into a ponytail to keep it out of my way, and then I started making flat twists on  the right side up into the faux hawk.
Like I said, Ashley liked the hearts from one of C's Valentines Day styles, so I put a heart on each side of D's head.  I just parted the heart with my rat tail comb, and then I flat twisted around the heart.  I started the twists at her hair line and twisted upwards.  What I did was I stopped twisting when I was to the end of the heart on each side, and with the left over hair I made a little Bantu knot and twisted the hair all the way up to where I would start the next twist.  I continued to twist the rest of the hair, and did the same thing on the left side.
Since D's hair has been permed, I wanted to add curls or even do some twists or braids, but Ashley wanted the hair to be straight.
I plan to do this style for C soon, and hopefully I'll have better pictures! :)

What I really liked about this interview was that it was about someone without natural hair. 
While I like (and recommend) natural hair, not everyone feels the same way, and not everyone keeps their hair natural.  If you want to be interviewed, please feel free to contact me and I'll put you on! :)

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