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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Curly Genius

I don't know what kind of criticism (if any) anyone of you gets, but I am constantly ridiculed for styling my daughters hair and for spending so much time taking care of it.  Everyone from my own family and friends to C's teachers have told me that I put too much emphasis on her hair (or just looks in general) and that by doing C's hair, I'm teaching her that her looks are her only worth and the only thing that matters in life.  I'm told that spending so much time on C's hair takes away from other more important things- like having time to be a kid and play with her brother and her friends outside, and for school.
For these reasons, I decided to make this post.  Even though it isn't exactly about hair, I think it fits in here!
These are just a few of C's awards from the past school year!  She has gotten awards for everything possible- Student of the month, Citizenship, Principals List, Academic Achievement, Perfect Attendance (which she kept all year!) and the one I'm most proud of, Honor Roll! C kept straight A's all year and since kindergarten has never gotten anything lower than a B on any of her school work!  :)
She will be starting 2nd grade in the fall, and I just hope she can keep up her efforts!

I think all C's awards speak for themselves in saying that while admittedly I do spend an outrageous amount of time on hair care and styles, I also take the time to make sure C knows what is important in life!
Now if only I could convince everyone else!

This makes me wonder...  Do you have the same problems with people trying to make you feel guilty or foolish about your love of hair care and styling?  If so, I'd love to hear your story and I'll post it here for everyone to see. I'll also be sharing more of my own stories!     :)


  1. Wow, I can't believe people actually said that to you! People should learn to mind their business!

    Anyway, that's so impressive. It's possible to make hair an important thing without making it a priority over things which are more important. No one has to walk around with hot mess hair to know what's important in life! :)

  2. You go! Hair time is wonderful bonding time, because it's just you concentrating on the one child. If you didn't take the time do do C's hair, I wonder if you would be admonished for not "properly taking care" of her hair... Way to go with all those awards, C! Keep it up!


  3. Go C! Im sure this post made others hush! LOL

  4. girl.. i WISH somebody would step to me sayin some nonsense like that. it would not be a good day for them. lol. i'm proud of her for you! she's doing great and it proves that you doin a good job on hair and other important things too!


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