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Monday, June 27, 2011


This all seems very childish to me, but I've heard from several people that Love Your Girls Biracial Curls is spreading negative rumors about me. I checked her blog and saw for myself and now I'm telling my side!
I want to make it clear that I am not spreading rumors about any other blog. If you see any comments on a blog from me, they are always positive!
I have NEVER asked to take credit for another bloggers work or anyone else's work. The only thing I've done is ask to use a style-on my own daughter- or to feature someone.
I have never cheated on a blog giveaway! In fact, take a look on all the recent giveaways... You won't see any entries from me OR the person with the beads who I supposedly made up! If I was going to make up a person, what would I have to gain by making up a fake blog?! If I was going to make up a fake person, wouldn't you think Id be having them comment on my blog all the time? I've never gotten a single comment from either Lynneice or the person with the beads.  More than one person in this world is named Danielle, it's not a unique name!
That person is not me and neither is this Lynneice person or Rose Hillard. I explained this to LYGBC once, Rose Hillard is a combination of my (ex) co-bloggers last name, Rose, and her fiancees last name, Hillard because they share an account. I don't see the significance there since she has never communicated on any blog, but she is not me!
Since the day I started this blog I've had lots of rude emails telling me things about other blogs- just like LYGBC! Is that a coincidence or what? The weird thing is LYGBC saved them, as if she had a plan to use them against me.
I have contacted Lynneice via facebook and she is starting her blog- that will prove I'm not her!
LYGBC could have come to me with these accusations, but instead she chose to make me out to be some crazy obsessed hair person! You say you don't mind competition, so let me run my blog without  publicly embarrassing me!
I don't think of blogging as a competition or popularity contest at all. I want to point out that I even gave LYGBC a tip on where to find the small Goody brand ponytail holders. She deleted me from her friends list on facebook so I couldn't confront her publicly so I had to be just as childish and make a blog post...

Please don't think I'm crazy or weird! I only want to have fun.
I started this blog so that other people who enjoy styling hair can see and share styles with us.  As I mentioned in my post 'Relaxers', I don't know ANYONE who appreciates hair styling or hair care and I was just looking for a place to belong and fit it.  I guess some people just don't want that to be possible but I wont be ending my blog if I have comments and followers or not!


  1. i'm going to be honest with you. i feel torn. because this is so odd, i've got a lot of thinking to do on this. i never heard this buzz before i saw the post over there, but you are right, i think it's childish. i commented because on her post because i found it to be rather odd.

    because this is the internet there's really no truth to anyones story, for all we know someone could be faking to be you or her. but this situation really saddens me to see. this is supposed to be something fun to bring parents together when sometimes you feel alone when it comes to "different" hair.

    best of luck in this situation because i for one am thoroughly confused!

  2. Shay, I don't even know what to say! I just think its weird that she would have kept those emails if she got them... I dont understand why anybody would believe it- emails can be faked! And youre right, this is the internet-there are thousands of people that see all of these blogs everyday, so who can really say who is who? Thanks for your comment.

  3. i think this whole thing is just so strange, but i'm inclined to believe you, as it seems incredible that someone could be so immature and vindictive as to post something like that on a public blog!

    i was just wondering about you<re "The End" post that has been deleted noe..? was the story on LYGBC true? xx

  4. Hi CHIB, I have to say I am now thoroughly confused. This seems like some weird case of blog identity theft or something. I don't know who would want to do that but you know what, there are some strange people in this world. I was suspicious of that post everyone's referring to because what caught my attention was that the grammar that person used is completely different than the way you "speak" here on our blog. So that didn't add up. I hope whoever's pulling all this mess gets found out or gets what's coming to them!


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