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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Simple Chunky Cornrows Into A Single Braid

For me, the best part about hair styling in the summer is that I can take all the time I want to come up with a style and work on it.  C sees summertime a little differently... She thinks that as long as she's not going to school, she doesn't have to get her hair done!  Her daddy has the idea that her hair needs a break from being done for a while so that it can 'air out' a little.  He doesn't understand (or care) that if I don't do anything with C's hair for a week it gets all matted up and ends up causing more damage and taking much more time.
Anyway, to make everyone happy, I decided on this simple style...
                                                       Just some simple chunky cornrows!
I started with an off centered part from front to back, and then just for a little more variety I added what I call a bang braid.  I like styles that frame her face a little.
It's hard to tell from these crappy pictures, but C's shirt was green and blue.  The ballie in her hair was cute little green bunches of grapes that I thought seemed summery so I wrapped it around the braid.   :)

I added a few barrette beads to the bang braid and we were finished!  It's nothing fancy, but I thought it turned out cute anyway. 
This simple style only took 20 minutes including detangling and it will be in for 3 days.  What is your quick summer hair styling like?


  1. Cute style!! My quick style not just for summer but for anytime is the bun :)

  2. Can you try this on short, kinkier hair or does it need extensions?

    1. You can definitely do this style for any hair type- kinkier hair would even hold up better in this style! As for the length, if the hair is shorter than shoulder length you might want to add extensions so that you can have the long single braid at the end. You could also do the chunky braids without braiding them together :)


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