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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

C's Birthday Giveaway!

Wow!  I can't believe C is going to be 8 years old this month! :*(  It just doesn't seem possible.
In honor of her birthday, C would like to give you all the chance to win this prize package.  C has hand picked all of the items herself from 2 different ethnic BSS and is very excited to see how everyone likes the goodies!  :)

The prize consists of everything pictured above, which includes...
1.  One pack white seashell beads (with small elastics included)
2.  One pack jumbo size purple/white mix beads
3.  2 packs medium size pink/clear mix beads (They remind me a little of a pine cone pattern)
4.  One pack pastel color bow barrettes
5.  One pack of shinny barrettes... I'm not sure what color to call them!  C also got herself a pack of these, she thought they were pretty :) She calls them gold- they're like an orangey-gold mix...?
6.  One headband with big red rhinestone type flowers
7.  One pack of rainbow colored hair extension (it snaps into the hair)
8.  One pack jumbo size pink beads with rhinestone flowers all around
9.  White bow beads (small beading tool included)
10.  One pack pink and white heart ballies- perfect for Valentines Day, C also got some!
11.  One pack pink mix ballies- these are a little smaller than standard size ballies
12.  One pack multi pastel colored teddy bear/gummy bear ballies- C got herself a pack too
13.  One pin tail comb
14.  One long beading tool

I had to show you an up close pic of this headband!  I can't wait for C to wear hers- we both LOVE it!  She also got another super cute headband, but there was only one so it couldn't be part of the giveaway :(  But maybe next time. 
Wow, we really need to stay out of the BSS- we just discovered that C has almost $45 worth of unopened accessories! o_0    Which scares me because we have one (possibly 2) more giveaways coming soon!

Anyway, here's what you need to do to enter....
  • You MUST be a follower of CHIB- Just click the 'Follow' button.
  • You can have one (1) entry daily.  Telling me that you are a follower does NOT count as your first daily entry, so you get 2 automatic entries right now. (Which means you can tell me you follow for one entry, then comment 'Daily entry' for another entry!)
For more chances to win (not required)
  • "Like" CHIB on facebook for TWO (2) additional entries. I will be verifying this.
  • Friend us on facebook for ONE (1) additional entry.  You must message me on facebook after you leave your entry here to verify.
  • Follow us on Twitter @inlovewithcurls for ONE (1) additional entry.  I get notifications of this so you don't need to verify.
  • Be featured on our blog as a Curly Friend for THREE (3) entries! The feature can be yourself and/or your child, a friend or anyone.  You may do ONE feature.  *Please note, it may take a couple days to see your feature posted, depending on how many we get.  :)
  • Add our button to your blog for TWO (2) additional entries.
*All of these are ONE TOTAL entry- NOT daily!

Just for something fun, we will also have a special prize for the first person who guesses C's exact birthday :)  The winner may choose from one of the following...

1.  6oz. tub of Taliah Waajid Lock-It-Up styling gel
2.  One extra long beader tool with surprise pack of hair beads :)
3.  One Curl Tamer brush - I'll let you know color choices if you choose this prize.
4.  One big flower clip (choice of any color)
So that's it!   There will be ONE winner.  The contest begins today, and the winner will be announced on Friday, February 3rd by 7pm.  7
Start entering and good luck!  :)


  1. I guess C's bday is January 24th????

  2. I am friends with. Chib as goldi locks styles

  3. I guess that C's birthday is on Jan 26th? :)

  4. I guess C's bday is on January 23rd.

  5. I guess that Cs bday is January 29th.

  6. Were facebook friends and I sent a msg to you to verify!

  7. I guess that C's birthday is the 20th?

  8. I like you on fb (just realized I was suppose to leave two separate comments of this lol)


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