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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Curly Friend- Essence

Today's Curly Friend is 3 year old Essence.  Enjoy! :)

Tell us some facts about you/your child....

 I have 2 boys and 1 daughter which is Essence! She is 3 years old. Essence loves Dora and Blues Clues. Her fav food hands down is chicken nuggets. Essence is part black, part white and part mexican with thick wavy hair.

Do you/does your child like your/their hair? What (if anything) would you change if you could?

I like Essence's hair but I wish that it was more easier to comb. And hope that she ends up liking to get her hair done up. She likes to play with her hair so I leave it down often. But even when  her hair is done she still plays with it pulling out all the pony tails or whatever is in her hair.

Do you now or have you ever used chemicals on your hair? If so, what made you decide to do so and did you regret it?

No we havent used any

What is your hair routine?

Essence gets her hair washed every Sat night and then I leave it down the next day. She wont sleep in a bonnet or scarf at all. Wont do it and cant be bribed. I put a style in her hair when I have the time but as you said it gets very hard to find time to do much with your girls hair when you 1. have other kids and a home to take care of and 2. work for a living! Essence gets a style once a week. On a "good week"

What products do you use?

Hmmm well the better question would be what dont we use! Everything from Pink lotion to Talia Waajid. and yes I know thats Pink is not quality but hey! I cant wait for things to come in the mail so i buy what works when its needed. I see no diference in her hair if we use expensive stuff or cheap so Im not worried much about that.

What is your hair type? (if you know it)

Its hard to tell with Essence. Some days her hair is real curly like Cs hair is and then other days it is just wavy like mine. It depends on the day??

What is the best and worst hair advice you have gotten?

I dont think Ive ever gotten advice. People never bring her hair up??

What advice do you have to offer?

I say dont beat your self up for not being able to do hair or not having time to do what you would like. Im a mother of 3 and I work full time. I have next to no time to spend with my kids at night and I dont want to put all of that time into hair even though I "want" to do it. I use to get so mad at myself for not finding more time for Essence's hair and felt bad that I didn't have the skills to do what I would like. All that matters is that you try!

Can we see some of your styles?

As of right now I dont know how to do any fancy braiding ie, cornrows. All I can do is pony tail styles. I do lots of pony tail and box braid styles and I like to let Essence wear her hair down lots of times. She has a hard time sitting still even with tv. Dora is on for a half an hour but it takes me about 1 1/2 hours to do hair. Between 2 boys and a dog plus 2 hamsters in the house to distract us that takes a toll. But here are a few pics I have got together for everyone.

The first pic is Essence with her hair down. This is the way we both like her hair the best. I think that when Essence gets older that her hair will be less curly and more wavy. She is already getting looser curls so right now its kind of just curly here and straight there.

The 2nd is Essence with her daddy. Excuse the mad face he was making! He didnt know I was about to snap a pic. LOL! I wanted to show this pic to show how much her hair has grown. At that time her hair was mostly all curly but it was just too thin to do anything with since she was so little.

Essence when she first got her ears pierced! I wanted to put her hair up so that it would be out of the way of her ears so I did this 2 bun style. I was proud of myself for this since it was the first time I got her part totally straight. That is a really hard thing for me and Essence hates to sit still long enough for me to get it right.

And this last picture is Essence on her 3rd birthday this past summer. I told her she was gonna have to start sitting still like a big girl so I could get her hair done in the mornings before she goes to pre school. This is the most accessories I was ever able to put in her hair. I was able to put a ball into each pony tail. This is a great example of what I said before. If you look close you can see the ends of her hair have nothing in them. She had barettes in her hair but had them pulled out before I even got her outside to take this pic!! I had them in my pocket by the time she sat down. Thats how much she plays with her hair.About an hour later she had un-twisted the front twists. If you have any tips how to keep her from messing her hair up I would love to hear what you have to say!! Thank you so much for putting Essence on your blog. She is going to love seeing herself on the computer screen with your pretty blog back ground. And once again thank you for tips on getting Essence's hair done fast when I have to get done in a hurry for work!!

Thank you for allowing us to feature your beautiful daughter Essence! I miss the days of C being so little! :(
You had great advice to offer, and I promise you will get better at styling hair!  It just takes time and lots of patience :)   I hope you will allow us to feature Essence again when you do learn.
I never had a problem with C sitting still to get her hair done or with her playing with it.  Although now she sometimes likes to take things out of her hair and undo braids to see if she can do her own hair back the way it was! :)   What I did with C was I would make a really big deal out of each of her hair styles.  Even the simplest styles I did, I would take pictures of it and show her.  I always told her how cute her hair looked, and she loved all the compliments- especially once she started preschool! 
Also, get Essence involved in hair time.  I don't think I've ever bought C hair accessories without her with me to help pick them out.  If she likes the look of something, she will probably want it in her hair.  My 3 year old niece, who had never gotten anything more than a ponytail put in her hair, LOVED it when I took her to the beauty supply store and let her pick something out.  She got to hold and play with her new accessories while I was styling her hair, and then she got to help me by handing them to me.  After I was done, I took her picture and lots of pictures of her hair, which she loved!  One more thing I would recommend is getting her a mirror she can hold in her hand to see what is being done with her hair.  I've found that to help with 3 girls so far.

Thank you once again!  Remember, this gives you 3 more entries in C's birthday giveaway!

If you have any more tips for Essence's mommy or you would like to be featured here, please email me at for instructions.

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