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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Sorry this wasn't announced at 7 like I said, I ended up getting busy and then completely forgot!
But anyway.......

The winner of C's Birthday giveaway is entry number 38, which is 'Miss Piggy', Who said "I follow you on twitter."
Congratulations to you!  Please email me with your mailing address and also the name you follow my blog under- I don't see anyone with your name on my list of followers :)
Also, there is another small problem.  The pack of bow shaped beads cracked open somehow.  None of the beads are used, but there may have been a few that fell out. SO.... you can either take the pack as it is, or I will replace it with your choice of color!

And as for the guessing of C's birthday, I was surprised I didn't get more responses- it was a pretty easy way to get an extra entry.  Anyway, although a few people came real close no one guessed C's exact birthday, which is January 27th.  So it looks like there is no winner there :(

Congratulations again to 'Miss Piggy', and thank you to all who entered!  There will be another giveaway here soon- what do you think I should give away next???


  1. You never said in your post that you were going to use to choose a random winner. I was under the impression that you were going to choose a winner by number "entries"/ points.

  2. Congrats Miss Piggy :)

    @ CHIB-I just wanted more specific rules on how the winner would be chosen.

  3. I'm sorry- I just realized that I never mentioned it. The dditional entry options were just meant to be more chances to win. Honestly, I just assumed random was the expected way to go.


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