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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Winner #2

I was just informed that I didn't exactly make my rules very clear- I never said how the winner was going to be chosen!  Sometimes I'm so blond it's scary :)

Anyway, I want to be fair here so this is what I'm going to do...
Since nobody won the prizes for guessing C's birth date, I'm going to give that package (all of the items listed) to the person who had the most entries.
That person is Kandy, who had 18 entries!  Congratulations to Kandy, and thank you for entering our giveaway everyday! :)
Please email me with your mailing address and color choices for the Curl Tamer brush- red, blue, purple, black, brown or green and also your color choice for your flower clip.
Again, I'm sorry for the confusion and hope this is a good enough apology :)


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