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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Faux Hawk With Beads- A Valentines Day Hairstyle

I wanted something cute and of course Valentines Day themed for today! :)
I had lots of styles I wanted to do, but this one just seemed to keep coming to my mind so this is what I did. 

You might remember seeing a similar style here on our blog, if you've been following us that long.

This is the style I did on D, who was our first Curly Friend to be featured!
C's is basically the same, only I did flat twists for D and cornrows for C, and also I put a ponytail inside C's heart with some braids and beads.

So, here's how I did C's style...
First I prepared C's hair by seperating it into several small sections, then finger detangled followed by
combing with our wide tooth comb.  I used a generous amount of moisturizer (I'll be reviewing it later!), sealed with oil, then re-moisturized each section as I worked.  I used Bee Mine Curly Butter for hold.  This is experiment #1 to find what will work best with the curly butter- more on that later too.

Once C's hair was detangled and moisturized, I parted straight down the middle then tied the left section off.  I made the heart first, then I cornrowed around it.
Next, I simply parted small sections of hair and cornrowed them up towards the center part line.
I decided to make this style a little more eye catching by braiding in a couple heart shaped beads to some of the cornrows. 

To do this, I sectioned off a small amount of hair where the cornrow would begin (the amount you would normally take to begin a cornrow), and used our beader to add a single heart bead to that hair. 
Then I split the hair that was coming from the bead into 2 strands, added a small piece of hair to make a 3rd strand and cornrowed as usual.
I really hope that makes sense!

When I was finished with all the cornrowing, I pulled the hair from both sides up to the middle and added ponytails.  C's hair is still damp in the photos, but when her hair is completely dry, it will poof out and look really cute!
I pulled a few cornrows together and put them in ponytails so that I could use less ponytails in her hair.  I also added beads to all the braids in the heart and the cornrows around it.

I didn't want a particular pattern, I wanted the beads to be random and colorful.  I love the way beads look when they're in a package or container all mixed up and that's what I like to do a lot of times when I put them in C's hair :)
This morning, C's hair looked very fresh and seemed more moisturized than usual.  I dampened her hair again, added more moisturizer and just a little oil to seal it in, then I sprayed it with a moisturizing mist (which I'll also be reviewing later!)  I hope that this style will stay fresh a couple days, even though Valentines Day is over after today.  I didn't get nearly half my ideas finished on time for Valentines Day, so that means I'll have even more to do next year and maybe think of even better things!

Well, the Valentines Day styles might be over, but I have some other things I'm planning on doing and lots of reviews coming, so keep checking back!
Happy Valentines Day! <3 


  1. Such cute beads! Wish I could cornrow like this...

  2. Love this style! I do love how colorful and random her heart beads are--it reminds me of a candy jar with all the different colors :-)


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