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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bee Mine Curly Butter Review

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We actually tried this product about a year ago, and I just realized I never did a review! So here it is...

Product Description:
This shea butter and aloe based curly butter is packed with rich moisturizing nutrients to give you long lasting moisture and promote growth. It has a soft touchable hold that will help to defrizz your frizzes and give great definition. This Curly Butter is wonderful for twists, finger curls, puffs/pony tails and especially for laying down unruly hair. Great for naturals, relaxed, texlaxed, everyone.

Scents available:
  • Coconut Cream
  • Unscented
  • Island Mango (Tropical Mango)
Ingredients: 100% Shea Butter, 100% Aloe Vera Gel, Essential Oil Blend, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary Leaf and Chammomile Extract, Silk Powder and Perfume
With this and any other of our products please do a patch test prior to full use.

$23 for a 16oz. tub/$13.97 for an 8oz. tub

Creamy, thick but light.

I purchased the 16oz. tub of the Island Mango Bee Hold Curly Butter.  I love the scent- it smells wonderful! 
I washed C's hair as soon as this came in the mail and put it into cornrows.
This is the first style we used the Curly Butter with.

When I put the Curly Butter in C's hair, it did feel nice and I thought this was going to be a product we always keep in the house.  Her hair looked pretty nice too- she didn't have any hairs poking out of her braids until the 2nd. day.  Once her hair was completely dry, it soaked up every bit of the Curly Butter.
I went and added more to each cornrow and her ends hoping that would keep some moisture, and that made it look nicer for a while.  The next morning, her ends were more moisturized than usual. 

*This is not meant to be a 'hate' review or to say anything bad about the Bee Mine company or anyone who uses and likes their products.  This is just my opinion of it and I always give an honest review!

This was the very first natural hair product we ever used so maybe my expectations were a little high after reading all the reviews about this Curly Butter.  We were also using the No Sulfur Growth Serum, so I figured that was good enough to use as an oil to seal in the moisture.  I made a post about that but I never followed up, but I'm going to do the review on that next.

C's hair had to come down after the usual 3 days, and by that time her hair was bone dry and very frizzy.
A lot of times this happens- I just can't keep her hair moisturized for the life of me!  But then once I take the cornrows or other style down, the hair inside is still moisturized and looks nice for a braid out.  That didn't happen with this.  None of the braid pattern was noticeable, so I had to restyle her hair.

The label does say that it does everything I'm looking for in a hair product...  Long lasting moisture with less frizz and more definition, so I kept using it for a couple days.  By the 3rd. day, C's hair showed no improvement and was just as dry as ever, so we moved on to another product.
Even though I didn't get the results I want and it doesn't say that you have to use anything else with it, I'm thinking about trying it again with the addition of the Bee Mine Daily Moisturizing Spritz and maybe one of the moisturizers and see if we have any better luck.

Have you tried this or any other Bee Mine products?  What did you think?
Which products do you like to use together?

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  1. It does sound like she needs an actual moisturizer along with the holding product. We use Bee Mine and love it, it works very well on my daughters hair. At first we just used their Deja's Hair Milk and the Curly Butter, then we added the Moisturizing Shampoo, Avocado Cream Conditioner, the Juicy Spritz and the Luscious Moisturizer to the mix. I absolutely love the moisturizer, it keeps D's hair super soft and hydrated. I hope you have better luck with the curly butter when using it with a moisturizer too, let us know what happens!


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