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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Bantu Knot Heart With Rope Twist Ponies- A Valentines Day Style

I like this style, although I do think that it looks better in person than in the pictures.  The heart is much easier to make out in person.  I think it's just because it was pretty big.
This is a simple yet cute idea for a Valentines Day hairstyle, and you don't have to know how to cornrow to accomplish this. 

I think this style is pretty self explanatory.  I just parted out a heart in the center of C's head, and then I parted the hair outside of the heart into symmetrical ponytails on each side.  This was a fun style to do, because we haven't used many accessories in styles lately.  I think adding color makes any style cuter! :)
I decided to go with rope twists for this style because when her hair is completely dry, these will poof out a little and look fuller than braids.  Also, C protested braids because she just had her hair in braids with a heart :)
We added some pink ballies and some cute heart barrettes at the ends of each rope twist, and C was ready for school!

This style only took us around a half hour to complete.  We used Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier (review coming soon!) and Lock It Up Gel.

Here's a little different angle, I tried to get the best view...

The bantu knot inside the heart definitely looks better from the back!  As I said, the heart was pretty big so there was a lot of hair inside the bantu knot, and I think it looks a little weird from the side view.   Anyway...
I still have a lot more ideas for Valentines Day- it's such an easy holiday to find styles for!  I don't know how many I'll get around to doing, but there will be at least one more for sure so stay tuned! :)

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