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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Curly Friend- T&L

We haven't done a Curly Friend interview in a long time, but today I'm happy to introduce Miss J and her lovely daughters, "T" and "L".  Thanks so much for being a part of our blog!  :)

Tell us some facts about you/your child

My name is J and I'm a proud mother of 2 beautiful girls! T who is 9 and L who is 8. I also have a son who is 3 weeks old (:  T and L favorite food is spaghetti, T favorite show is iCarly and L LOVES My little pony! My girls fight over who gets hair done first. Both girls play soccer.

Do you/does your child like your/their hair? What (if anything) would you change if you could?

I didn't always like my hair. But now I have some what made peace with it and I feel okay about it. I like my hair but if I could change it I would change the fact that it is so dry. The same goes with my girls hair. T and L both like theyre hair when it is done but not when it is left free.

Do you now or have you ever used chemicals on your hair? If so, what made you decide to do so and did you regret it?

I did use a relaxer when I was in highschool. I regreted it because it made my hair even more dry. And I only did it so that my hair would be "Flowing" but the relaxer didnt do that for me. It made my hair look and feel like a cheap wig. Lol! All my friends were doing it :p  Never used any chemicals on my girls hair but I will let them make that choice when they get older.

What is your hair routine?

This question actually has me thinkin! Lol! We dont exactly have a routine because we dont do the same exact things every day. But one thing we always do is sleep with a scarf. I do my girls hair when ever it get messy and needs re done.

What products do you use?

I use bee mine growth serum because Im trying to see some extra length in both mine and my girls hair. For moisture and styling time we use anything from carols daughter or whatever we can find at the ethnic store. Im not as picky as some people I would try about anything.

What is your hair type? (if you know it)

Both me and the girls have 4b-4c but L has the looser curl pattern.

What is the best and worst hair advice you have gotten?

The best- use sulfate free shampoo!
The worst- you have to braid corn braids as tight as possible. And I found that out the HARD WAY! That is a big NO NO!!! I made small bald spots in both my girls hair and they hated getting theyre hair braided. That is another reason for the bee mine growth serum.

What advice do you have to offer?

Hair can look pretty with out doing it as tight as possible. Beads will stay in with out wrapping the rubber bands in as tight as possible! You do not have to pull hair tight for it to look neat.

Can we see some of your styles?
Yes in deed! Please keep in mind that I just started fixing my girls hair 2 years ago or so. Up until then it has been real short and I was always having theyre hair done by somebody else. I am still working on corn braids. Not quite brave enough to show off yet. Lol! For now Im doing styles to hide the bald spots ):

This is T with her pig tails and twists. I made the big pink flower clip at the top!

L in a poof. This was taken before I stopped pulling the hair as tight as possible. Do you notice how thin it looks up front? Shame on me! But Im gettin better about it and maybe will show some more styles later.

 I made this collage! T is in every pic but the bottom right is L.  T is in her princess Tianna bun and flower head band that I made myself! L is in a poof with a crown for her birthday.

L rocking her twist out in a high pony

L- left T- right heading off to school in theyre braid out ponys! I love the braid out look! Its what we pretty much stick to for the simple fact that Im trying to get my girls to like theyre hair more. They both like when they have lots of beads. I like to use accessories but try to stay away from them.
The mamma!- Me- J! I used curlformers to get a little curl. I have been growing my hair!

And last but not least! L and mommy! L's hair is in big flat twists in front with twisted ponys in the back. It was looking a little rough because it was up almost 2 whole weeks. I get a bit lazt at times! And as for myself I had just gotten some extensions put in!
So thats it! Thanks soo much for including us! We think C is adorable and love seeing all her styles! I would love to be part of your blog again!

Thanks again for being part of our blog T, L and mommy J!  I love your pictures, especially the one of both girls together in the red outfits! How adorable! :)
You have beautiful daughters and you seem to be doing a good job taking care of all that hair.
 I hope to see more styles from you in the future!

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