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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Criss-Cross Ponytails And Curls

We didn't have any time for hair this morning, so this is just a simple style we did to get her out the door in a hurry.

I think this 'style' is pretty well self explanatory! :)
After moisturizing C's hair, I parted it into 6 ponytails; 3 on each side.  I secured each ponytail with an ouchless ponytail holder.
Starting at the bottom, I braided those 2 ponytails then crossed each braid to the opposite side and secured it into the middle ponytail.  I did the same for the middle.

As I said, we had no time to do hair!  I ended up just leaving the top ponytails out. 
So, this is very simple but still cute I think.  It only took about 10 minutes to do and it saved us from having to leave it down and end up with a tangled mess.

In case you're wondering, we used Curls Creme Brule for moisturizing and Curls Curl Control Paste for hold (review coming soon!)

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