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Monday, May 14, 2012

C's Best Braid Out EVER!

I'm so excited about the way this turned out!  It was much prettier in person though.

I CO washed C's hair with Organix Coconut Milk conditioner and gently finger detangled as we normally do.  I divided C's hair into lots of small sections- only about a marker sized worth of hair- and added lots of Kinky Curly Knot Today to each section.  I used a lot.  So much that it was dripping out of her hair!  I let that soak in a minute and gently combed with out wide tooth comb.  I did the Tightly Curly Method, then I added LOTS of Kinky Curly Curling Custard.  I did the Tightly Curly Method again, then combed her hair lightly, just to distribute the KCCC more.

I kept our spray bottle of water handy to lightly spritz C's hair as I styled.  I added even more KCCC to each section of hair as I added ponytail holders and braided each section into a ponytail. 
I used a very generous amount of Curls Passion Fruit Curl Control Paste along every part line, all along her edges, the top of each ponytail, and every strand of each braid (review coming soon!)
About 10 ponytails later, we were finished.  I put C's night cap on her head right away so that no moisture would be able to escape as her hair dried. 

The next morning, I added some ballies and beads.  C's hair looked very fresh, almost like it had just been finished.  Her ends looked and felt amazing.  I only added barrettes because C asked for them and I've been feeling bad about not giving her many cute styles lately. 
I took them out of her hair as soon as she got home from school, along with the ballies.  Any time I try to moisturize C's hair while it's styled, I end up making it look 5 times worse, so I just added some more pomade to lay down all the hair that poked out and re-tightened the ponytail holders that needed tightening.
The next day, C's hair was frizzy and starting to dry out but I left it up.  I added some ballies to match her outfit but no barrettes this time.  I gave C the option and she turned them down to give her ends a "little break"!  :) 

I didn't get a close up pic of her hair- if you've seen one ponytail hairstyle, you've pretty much seen them all.  I mostly just took this pic because she looked so cute!  She got to dress down at school and this is the outfit she picked out for herself.  :)

Usually if I leave any style in for 2 days, C's hair is super dry and brittle.  This time that wasn't the case.  I love how this turned out!

Unfortunately, I can't preserve a braid or twist out style overnight.  They always turn to pure frizz within an hour or so of her hair being taken out.  So she wasn't able to show off her gorgeous braid out at school :(  At least I got some pictures though!

I'm always jealous of other little girls' braid/twist out styles because I can never get C's to look as moisturized, but this I wouldn't trade this braid out look for any other we've done!
There wasn't even really that many fly away hair, which surprised me.

I don't know what product(s) that we used are responsible for this look (maybe it was the combination of all the products, maybe it was the amount of product I used), but I love all the products involved in this style.  They have all become staples right away in our house and I'll continue to use them all.  Just maybe I've finally found what C's hair needs and likes! 
If only I could find something that moisturizes her hair and KEEPS it moisturized!


  1. She is rocking those curls and those socks! Super cute =)


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