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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Queen Helene Royal Curl Shaping Creme- Follow Up Review

A while back I tried Queen Helene Royal Curl Curl Shaping Creme on C's hair.  I still LOVE this product!  It's a must have for days when we leave C's hair down or have ponytails with free hair. 
I had a few requests for pictures to show how C's hair turns out when we use this, so here they are!  :)

Here's the back view.  Just look at all those luscious curls!!!  And yes, her hair is completely dry here.  The RCCSC gives C's curls tons of definition and leaves her hair soft and bouncy.  I use lots of this product each time and we haven't ever experienced flaky or crunchy hair.  It isn't greasy or sticky at all- just all around awesome!

And here are some ponytails we used this gel on...

Nothing has given C's hair more definition before.  Look at all the cute little ringlets!  :)
I decided I would really put the RCCSC gel to the test.  C had gym class this day plus she went outside for recess.  I think her curls held up really nice.  For a little girl running around playing all day and still have her hair looking like this at the end of the school day, her ponytails still looked great in my opinion!

And as a comparison...

This is how C's hair ends up looking once her hair soaks up whatever products we use.  This picture was taken last summer and we used EVCO and BB hair lotion.
Now that's a pretty big difference!  I have to say I'm amazed at this product.  I'm going to keep this RCCSC gel in the house, and I'm going to try it again this summer and do another follow up.  C's hair is even harder to keep moisturized during the summer, so we'll see how this gel holds up under the heat!  Stay tuned   :)

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