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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Half Crown Braid With Cornrows

This was re-created from a past style of ours, the Black And Neon Style.  I thought I posted this already, but I just saw it was in draft so I decided I'd show you now!   :)

I'm going to be having some pretty sad pictures for a while, because I'm having to use my phone again :(
But, at least I'll still have some pictures!

Ok, I'm not the best at explaining things, as you probably already know!  So, I'm hoping that this diagram  will help me explain it a little better.

It wasn't my original plan to keep the crown braid in front, but C got sleepy by the time I finished the back of her hair and we didn't have the time to cornrow any more this morning.


I started with section A.  I just braided 4 small cornrows straight down.
I braided 2 cornrows starting at the top of section B going all the way across the top of sections C and D.

Then I made a cornrow under those 2 starting at the left side of section B and going down the right side.
I moved to the part line of section C and made a cornrow going to the front of her face.

Then I went to section D and made a cornrow all the way back over to section B.  I did 3 more cornrows going straight down and section B was finished.

To finish sections C and D, I made one cornrow starting at the side of C's head (by her ear) and went down with it following section C's pre-existing part line.
The rest of C's hair was finished with cornrows just going straight down.

Wow, even I'm confused by that! o_0

The pictures are probably easier to follow than my explanation!

Poor C was so sick of me taking pictures of her to get ones that were good enough to use!

I didn't even realize I was leaving out the ends!  I used a bright pink and glow in the dark pink bead pattern.

Here's a little view of C's beads.  I added a cute butterfly barrette to the end of the crown braid with the same shades of pink.  Those are going to be part of my next giveaway (100 followers celebration) because I LOVE these barrettes!  Stay tuned to get a look ;)

This style looked so much cuter in person!  I wish I didn't have such bad photos.  I might just have to do something like this again...


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