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Thursday, February 10, 2011

After Combing- Is it breakage or shedding?

Have you ever wondered if the loose hair you get after finger detangling, combing or brushing is breakage or just shed hair? Here are some good things to help you decide!
If you have excessive'll see a whole bunch of hairs coming out in different lengths with no white bulb on the end every time you comb, brush, or finger comb your hair. Then you know you need to change your manipulation practices and check to make sure your hair has a proper protein/moisture balance. Or it could be just your hair needs some extra emollients in a conditioner so it's easier to comb and less prone to breaking.
 *If you detangle every day you should only lose a little bit of hair.We shed about a 100 hairs per day If you have a regular routine for how often you detangle your hair, you should see about the same amount of shed hairs each time.
Some tips you may already know... But it doesnt hurt to see them again! :)
 1. Hair naturally sheds. The amount a person sheds varies from person to person based on your individual make-up and how often you detangle.

2. Breakage is not a "normal" thing and is often the result of a protein to moisture balance. One may experience  breakage during transitioning, which is not alarming.

3. Inspect the hair in your comb or brush to determine if your hair is simply shedding or breaking. Hair that has shed will have the root attached (it looks like a small white bead).

4. When you comb your hair make sure you are using conditioner or something with a lot of slip. Use a wide tooth shower comb, Denman brush, or another detangling comb (I always finger detangle my daughters hair first) Always detangle from tip to root.

5. Comb your hair in sections and compare the amount that is shed from section to section. If you are loosing a large amount in a particular section, give a closer inspection.

6. Sleep on a satin scarf and/or pillow case to protect your hair.

7. If you notice excessive hair loss go see a dermatologist.

8. When trying new products, change 1 thing in your regimen at a time so if you do have hair loss, you can pinpoint it back to that thing.

9. Stress, diet, medication and hormones can also cause hair loss so talk to your PCP if you see changes. It is not unusal for women to see changes in hair loss corresponding with your monthly cycle.

10. Lastly hair loss can also change seasonally. It is not unusual to shed more hair during the summer months or to shed more when seasons are changing.

Check back later next week to see how I handle knots/tangles on my daughters fine 3c hair!
*Im going to attempt to make our first video!

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