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Saturday, February 5, 2011


I just got in a large shipment of these very pretty glittery beads! They come in a rainbow pack (as pictured) and also in customized mixes for $2 more per set!
These beads are available ONLY in the regular, standard size. The glitter is inside the beads, so it cant be rubbed off! They are super cute and glimmer in the light. A must have for every princess! Available in variety pack(as shown) or choose your own customized mix including the following colors.... RED, GOLD, CLEAR, BLACK, BLUE, PINK, PURPLE, ORANGE and TEAL

Price....... SMALL pack (about 200* beads) $4
LARGE pack (around 400* beads) $6
CUSTOMIZED MIXES (please specify color choices) SMALL pack $6
LARGE pack $8

*The same shipping fee applies for all orders

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