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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Curl Tamer

For my very first post, I want to tell you about this product called The Curl Tamer!
I'm sure you have all probably heard of The Tangle Teaser. It has been on all the hair blogs. So you're wondering what's different about The Curl Tamer?
Just like The Tangle Teaser, The Curl Tamer has soft, pliable AND seamless bristles, and The Curl Tamer comes in every color. It is shaped like an octagon and is easier to hold yet easy to control beause it has a ring for your finger to slide into. The Curl Tamer works just as well as The Tangle Teaser at removing small knots and tangles, yet there is one big difference between The Tangle Teaser and The Curl Tamer.... The PRICE!
I have seen The Tangle Teaser costing $10 or more. The Curl Tamer costs just $7 and you get to pick your color! That's right- $7! I got this blue one and I fell in love with it the first time I tried it! I know you will too! Shipping is only $2 (still cheaper than the total cost of just one Tangle Teaser without shipping costs) And if you order $15 or more worth of merchandise, the shipping is free!
Besides this wonderful detangling tool, there are also a variety of beads, rubber bands, elastics, ballies, barrettes and more! (More pictures to come later, once the word gets out and I have a few followers!) :)
Want to order The Curl Tamer? Just send your Money Order of $9 (which includes shipping) payable to Ms. Danielle, to....
65 Ravine Park
Toledo, OH


  1. Thanks! I was just about to buy one of these but Im glad i found this because at the Sally beauty shop in my city, this costs $13! I will definetly be getting one of these in pink!!!


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