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Monday, February 7, 2011

Twisty Braided 'Pony Hawk' With Curls

This is one of my favorite braided mohawk styles because it combines a few of my favorite looks...
I like styles with cornrows, and I like ponytails but I just LOVE the curls! With this, we got a little bit of each of those  styles. I planned on braiding the cornrows all the way to the end and adding beads, but I decided I wanted to see the curls more, so this is what I ended up with!

I started with detangled hair, as always. 
First, I parted C's hair straight down the middle.  I parted out 2 ponytails in front, put them into big 2 strand twists, and added accessories.
To protect the hair line, I made a protective cornrow around each ponytail.
I tied the left section of hair off with a ponytail and cornrowed the right section towards the part line.  Once I cornrowed all the way to the part line, I kept braiding about an inch of hair.  That way I didn't have to add a rubber band to the end of each braid.  When I was finished, I gathered 2 cornrows from each side and added a rubber band.  This made it so that I only had 3 rubber bands in C's hair rather than 6, which made this style easier to take down and didn't cause as much damage as it would have if I had added a rubber band to each braid.
I hope that makes sence! :)

This style took around an hour to do.  We used BB hair lotion with castor oil and a little coconut oil.
To prevent her hair from tangling up too much, I braided the loose hair into one large braid at night and she slept with a sleep cap to keep it neat.


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