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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here And There Cornrows

I had no particular design in mind when I started this style. I just started braiding, and this is what I ended up with.  A friend of mine said that it kind of reminded her of a Brittish flag.

I actually did this style over Christmas break, and I liked it so much I decided to do it again, only I switched it up a little. Here are some pictures from the first time I did the style (sorry the pictures are bad, I accidently deleted them from my camera's memory card so I had to take a picture of the original picture... Does that make sence?)

I think it's pretty obvious, so I don't have to explain what I did on the top! On the sides, I did one twisty braid. If you notice, on the left side of her head I started the twisty braid near the braids on top, going towards her face. On the right side of her head, I started the twisty braid in the front part of her hair, just for a little extra variety.
Heres a picture from the second time I did the style...

It's basically the same, only this time, I just did regular cornrows going down the sides instead of the twisty braids.  I did'nt get a picture of it, but in the front, it's actually 2 cornrows, and I braided them together to make one single braid.
I guess maybe it looks a little like a Brittish flag.... I'm not sure how much I like this style now that I'm seeing it again, but it's my own!
I did a nice Valentines Day style (I think it's my best work yet) that I wish I could show you, however, I did'nt get permission to use it from the blogger I borrowed the it from!  Hopefully I can come up with more of my own styles soon that I like as much to share with you all!

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