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Monday, February 28, 2011

Braided Faux-Hawk With Flair

This is the style I did on C's hair last night.  She thinks it looks like a mohawk, so that's what we'll call it! (:  It's pretty easy to see what I did here, but I'll explain anyway...
After I detangled and moisturized her hair, I started by making the big braid in the middle of her head. Then I did 2 small cornrows on each side, going straight back.  I was going to just make all the braids going straight back, but I felt like being a little more creative...

I did 4 cornrows starting from the top of the big braid going down and over the other 2 cornrows, and then I just braided the rest of her hair straight back.

Her braids always curl on their own, this morning they were a little wavy, as you can see here.
Before C went to school, I added the Bee Mine Growth Serum we bought to her scalp. 
I was happy to see that her ends didn't need to be moisturized. Even though I just did the style last night her hair usually absorbs everything pretty fast!  I moisturized her ends with a little Bee Mine Curly Butter anyway, just to make sure her hair stays moisturized all day.
I'm thinking I like the Bee Mine Curly Butter, but we'll see how her hair looks later on today, and tomorrow morning!
This style took an hour to complete.  Stay tuned to see how we switch this up!

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  1. Very cute! Your braids are so nice and straight and neat looking :) Nicely done. :)



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