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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Starting Day 1 With Bee Mine Growth Serum

I got my shipment of Bee mine products yesterday, and I was very excited to try it.
I wet C's hair and detangled it.  I applied Bee Mine No Sulfur Serum to her entire scalp, and moisturized with Bee Mine Curly Butter. This photo is to show the length of her hair now, and hopefully soon I will be posting photos of growth!
C's type 3C hair is to the middle of her back when wet, after detangling.  During her wash, or when I straighten it, her hair is almost to her butt. (I don't use a flat iron very often) When C's hair is dry, it shrinks up to just a little longer than shoulder length.
Eventually, my goal is to grow C's hair to waist length, or as long as possible.

As I stated, I just got the Bee Mine products, and this is my first time using them.
Her hair looked beautiful right after I applied the Growth Serum and Curly Butter,... but then again, her hair always looks this way when it is wet! So I waited for her hair to dry. I didn't put any style in it, I wanted to see how it would make her hair look all on its own. We do like to leave her hair left down now and then.
I did band it up to avoid tangling.
So far, I'm not sure if I like these Bee Mine products or not...
C's hair seemed a little weighed down, and kind of oily. HOWEVER,... I know that I probably went a little over the top with both the Curly Butter and the Growth Serum.  Tomorrow is her regular wash day, so we will see how it does on freshly washed hair. I'm also going to style C's hair tomorrow, I can't wait to see the results the Curly Butter might give! Check back tomorrow to find out...


  1. So how do you like the bee mine after using it for a while?

  2. Actually Amanda, I havent noticed any growth at all so far. Im also starting to think my daughter might be allergic to the serum- her scalp looks sore and red since I've been using it, but Im also using the Curly Butter, so not sure which is causing it yet :(

  3. Aww that's horrible. Hope you can figure out what the irritation is.


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