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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Half-Rows Into Twisted Ponys

*Read below to find the product I've been using!
This style started off as just cornrows going halfway back, and the back was left down.  I don't like to leave my daughters hair down too often or for too long, since it knots up very easily, so I switched the style a little today.  These cornrows were done 3 days ago, still looking fresh!...

I like to do my cornrows without adding any rubber bands, etc. I do this by just continuing with a regular braid once I reach the end of each cornrow, about a half inch past the part.
I've been wanting to try these snap on beads (barrette beads) since Rose first posted them here, and I finally decided on a cute style to try them on! So, as you can see, I just added a barrette bead to the end of each cornrow for a quick and easy way to add a little color and flair.

I pulled the cornrows back into 2 ponytails, and did some quick twists. I love the barrette beads and I'll be planning more styles to use them on! They are fast and easy to apply, and can be easily switched to match any outfit.
Now I'd like to point out how shiny and moist the hair looks here...
Lately I've been using Rose's product for curly hair, called 'Curl-icous' while I wait on my shipment of Bee Mine to arrive.
This will be my first time trying Bee Mine, so I can't say that 'Curl-icous' is better, or even as good of a product, but it is a pretty good product, and much cheaper! 'Curl-icous' is also ORGANIC and contains NO petrolatum or mineral oil, so it's a good choice!
I'll be sure to let you know how it compares to Bee Mine once I get it, so check back soon!

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